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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

House Meets At: 
9:00 am for Morning Hour Debate and 10:00 am for Legislative Business
First Vote Predicted: 
3:15 pm
Last Vote Predicted: 
8:00 pm

15 one minute speeches per side

Democrats have the first special order hour 

Recorded Votes on the House Floor: 

Previous Question

FINAL: YEA: 230 NAY: 181 PRES:


Adoption of the Rule H. Res. 1067

FINAL: YEA: 229 NAY: 182 PRES:


Motion to Recommit on H.R. 7027

FINAL: YEA: 195 NAY: 212 PRES:


Final Passage on H.R. 7027 - Child Care Essential Act 

FINAL: YEA: 249 NAY: 163 PRES:


Final Passage on H.R. 7327 - Child Care for Economic Recovery 

FINAL: YEA: 250 NAY: 161 PRES: