The House Democratic Cloakroom, located just off the House Floor, was established in 1857 as a storage space for Members of Congress and their personal items such as coats, hats, and umbrellas. The need to have an entire room for personal belongings became obsolete when the Cannon Building opened in 1908. The Democratic Cloakroom over the years has transformed from a storage room to an information center. Members and staff rely on the cloakroom managers for legislative updates and the current status of the House. The Democratic Cloakroom is accessible only to individuals who have the privilege of the House Floor. The cloakroom provides Members the ability to converse, relax, discuss legislative strategy, or prepare for Floor business. Members are also able to procure a quick meal from Rhonda and Ella at the Democratic Cloakroom snack bar.

Bob Fischer, Manager
P: 202-225-7330

Rose Keating, Assistant Manager
P: 202-225-7330

Audra Jackson, Assistant Manager
P: 202-225-7330